A Prank Goes Wrong

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Video Description: Eric showed up for his massage appointment only to find out his co-worker had pranked him and made the appointment for a girl-girl massage by telling the receptionist his name was Erica and that he was female. After meeting the masseuse Evelyn she laughed at the prank and he asked if she would still be willing to do the rubdown anyway. She was more than happy to and actually seemed very into him and glad that this massage was with a guy, not another girl. As she massaged his body he got hard under his towel so she took the towel off and started sucking his cock. He was very shocked that she was so bold! He asked if she would get naked and she did one better. She stripped off her clothes and let him lick her pussy while she gave him head. She then moved so that he could watch her orally working on his cock which turned him on so much he exploded right into her mouth. This was a prank that turned out great.

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