A Skeleton In The Closet

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Video Description: Guys,

I still can't pull my jaw up off the floor, yesterday this stunning brunette Gina came in asking for a massage. She said her shoulders were tense, but I was able to convince her that she was tense all over.. Man, when my expert hands hit her fiery skin I just had to make her my next victim. I was beginning to feel a bit let down, and had to take a little break after she turned down all my offers, but I used my 'phone a friend' and Eric told me that she is a hooker on the side under the name Romi. I gave her the golden treatment she wasn't expecting! It kills me to treat her so shitty, but I just gotta keep up my mean guy appearances. I got her to give me a handjob at first, but before long she had my cock deep in her warm throat! What a ride!


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