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Video Description: Taylor arrives for her job interview at the massage parlor and meets Mia who looks over her resume and does the interview. Mia tells Taylor that they want her to 'audition' so that they company can see if this is the kind of job Taylor can get into. It sounds great to Taylor who follows Mia to a massage room and on Taylor's command gets naked and lies down on the table. Mia starts massaging her, showing her how they do their massages and what parts of the body to really pay close attention to. Mia's hands find their way to Taylor's amazing tits then they slide down her body and start gently touching her pussy. Taylor wonders just what kind of massage this is, but she also knows that she is really into and it feels amazing. Mia spreads Taylor's legs and starts licking her wet pussy. It makes Taylor feel so good that her entire body shakes with pleasure. Mia is a very skilled masseuse so it doesn't take long and Taylor is cumming her brains out. When the 'audition' is over Taylor feels amazing and can't wait to get started on the job.

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