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Video Description: Marco had heard about the Nuru Massage Parlor from several of his friends so one rainy afternoon he decided to treat himself to a massage. He met his masseuse Casi who took him to the bathroom, stripped off her clothes and showed off her hot body. She led him into the shower where she immediately started stroking his cock. He got hard fast in her hands while he rubbed soap all over her amazing tits. After the shower they hit the Jacuzzi where she backed her ass up and rubbed it all over his cock. She led him from the tub to the mattress where she soaked his body in Nuru gel then slid her tight body all over his. She first put him face down and slid up and down his back then she rolled him over and stroked his rocked hard cock. She knew he wanted more so she took his dick in her skilled mouth and sucked him. It did't take long until he came uncorked and blasted a hot load all over her face.

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