BodyRub Hotline

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Video Description: Derrick is home today, his wife is in a rush and takes off for work. Derrick has been waiting for a week to get a day free where he can call the hotline his friend referred to him. Destiny Dixon shows up an hour later with some beautiful lingerie on, and leads Derrick to the bedroom where she is going to give him the time of his life, right there in his wife's bed! Destiny gets everything ready while Derrick gets comfortable. Destiny starts by straddling Derrick's cheating body and rubbing him down from head to toe. Taking off her top to let him see her beautiful tits. When she discovers that he's ready for the next step on the treatment she helps him grow in his underwear, while kissing him passionately. When she's done with her massage she climbs on his face feeding him her wet pussy and taking his cock in her deep warm throat. Will his wife find out he's cheating behind her back?

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