Can You Get It Wet?

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Video Description: Hannah Reilly receives a gift certificate for a massage from her gay aunt at a high class massage parlor. The lovely Melody Jordan, a stunning redhead with strong hands, is there to welcome Hannah and make her feel comfortable. Using her warm hands, thumbs and plenty of oil, Melody has Hannah melting in her hands in more ways then one! Melody loves that she has the ability to make someone else feel good as she works Hanna's hamstrings, calves and glutes. When Hannah flips over to the front, exposing her beautiful breasts, Melody can't help but massage them and make her nipples hard. After a little kissing, Melody decides a toy is necessary to finish the massage, as Hannah plays with her wet pussy in anticipation. When Melody returns, she has a purple cock strapped on that she intends to fuck Hannah with after she sucks it to get it wet.

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