Emy Does Eric

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Video Description: Eric bet most of his savings on the Lakers only to find out that he was about to lose. He was so stressed he went to the Soapy Massage Parlor hoping he could get a massage that would relax him. Emy smiles as she takes him to the room. Even with clothes on she looks really good. When she gets naked and starts touching herself he can see that she is in the mood to have some fun. In the Jacuzzi Emy rubs his body, paying special attention to his cock. She backs her ass up to him and rubs it on his dick until he is throbbing with pleasure. Emy knows exactly what will fully relax Eric so she takes him to the mattress and grinds her pussy on his cock while she rubs his chest then as she slides her body up and down his body she uses her feet to rub his balls and dick. She can feel that Eric is about to explode and she doesn't want to tease him anymore so she takes him to the shower, gets down on her knees and jacks him off with her mouth until he cums and blasts a hot load all over her amazing tits.

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