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Video Description: Zoe gets migraines which send pain shooting down her neck. She went to get a massage hoping that Amber, her masseuse, could help relieve the tension and pain in her neck. As they get ready to start the massage Zoe tells Amber that she normally gets the full service massage. Amber knows what she means so as she rubs Zoe's tight body down she spreads her legs open and starts licking her pussy. Zoe is so turned on she cums all over Amber's tongue then slides Amber's panties off as the two girls kiss and get into a 69. Zoe fingers Amber's pussy while she licks her clit. Amber returns the favor, finger-fucking Zoe as the two moan and fuck each other. Their bodies are so in tune with each other that after just a few minutes they cum together. Zoe's pain is gone and she is fully relaxed.

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