I'll Fix You Right Up

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Video Description: Nina James got into a bad car accident and was in need of a massage to calm her down. This was her first time getting a professional massage so Rio Lee seduced her slowly with her British accent and asked her to strip off and lay face down. Rio rubbed the heels of her feet and worked up Nina's slender legs. She had Nina flip over so she could do a deep massage with her teeth and tongue on Nina's nipples. All muscles are connected so its important to massage each and every part of the body. She licked, sucked, and bit until Rio decided it was time to work out the tightness in between Nina's legs. She spit on her pussy and started sucking as Nina squirmed under her mouth. Nina wanted to taste pussy to, so Rio put her ass in the air and gave the innocent girl full access. They kissed each other to taste their orgasms, leaving fulfilled and relaxed.

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