I'll Take Care Of You

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Video Description: Jaslene Jade had a bad day dealing with car trouble. It was her first time having a massage so Vanessa Veracruz was ready to change her luck for the better. Vanessa started at the brunette's shoulders then remembered to use oil - she was so excited to get her hands on her. She ran her hands all over Jaslene's body while making small talk. Vanessa massaged up her thighs and was staring at the warm spot between her legs as her mouth watered at the thought of tasting Jaslene's pussy. Vanessa took off her bra to show her new boobs and suggested Jaslene touch them and maybe suck a little. They started kissing and rubbing their warm tight bodies on each other. Jaslene didn't know what to do, so Vanessa guided her hand to her pussy. She had Jaslene bend over to finger her tight little hole while licking all around it. Vanessa was moaning the entire time she had her face in Jaslene's pussy.

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