It's Hot Outside

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Video Description: Ike stomped down the stairs complaining about the heat and how he needed to cool off. Dillion Harper came up behind him asking what he was doing. He saw an open door so he walked right in to escape the heat. The cute brunette told him he could stay if he paid for a massage - he naturally accepted the conditions. Ike undressed and Dillion started to massage him with oil. He told her she was dressed provocatively so there must be a happy ending involved. It wasn't difficult to convince Dillion to strip off her robe, bra, and panties. She moved her hands up his legs until she was rubbing his cock underneath the towel. She sucked his hard dick and rubbed his balls with his eyes on her the entire time. Dillion put her pussy on his face and let him suck while she continued working on his blowjob. She stepped off the massage table to focus on deep throating him until he came all over her perfect tits.

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