Just A Small Donation

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Video Description: TJ arrives for his appointment at the Soapy Massage parlor and meets his masseuse Jeanie. He tells her how badly he needs a massage and she asks for a $150 "donation" for her service. It sounds fair to him so he pays and follows her into the massage room. As soon as he pulls down his pants she is on her knees with his cock in her mouth. She gives him such amazing head he knows he is in for a massage he won't soon forget. She sucks on his dick for a while then remembers that she still needs to rub him down so she lays him down, covers them both in soap and starts to rub. She is so into him and so turned on she starts to rub her pussy on his rock hard shaft. She slides around on him, puts her pussy in his face so he can taste her sweet juices and goes back to sucking his cock. She is so skilled it is only a matter of minutes and he cums in her mouth. That is a "donation" well earned.

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