Klon-dyke Gold Rush

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Video Description: Masseuse Rita Rush undresses her client Jessi Gold in preparation for her massage. Beginning with a shoulder rub, Rita glides the massage oil across Jessi's back, caressing her trim waist and taut shoulders, moving downward around her glutes and hamstrings, back up the calves to her pelvis, oiling up her pussy and spreading open her legs. Rita teases her clit and fingers her vagina, both soothing and stimulating her at the same time. Then she applies a vibrator to the area around her clitoris. Jessi kisses Rita as she helps her undress then fingers her pussy on the table. Jessi licks Rita's clit before making her cum all over the vibrator. Then Jessi sits on Rita's face and eats her pussy in 69 till she cums in her mouth!

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