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Video Description: Jenner has been hearing about what was going on at the Nuru Massage Parlor and wanted to get in on the fun, but he only had $100 which was not enough for a full service massage. He decided to go anyway and when he arrived he was greeted by the sexy Ryder. After hearing about his lack of funds, she told him she could do something really nice for him for $100. She took him to the room, stripped him down and jumped in the shower with him. She washed him off then had him sit in the Sukebe chair. She poured the Nuru gel over his body which felt so amazing it really turned him on. She rubbed her body against him, but focused most of her efforts on his cock and balls. Her hands worked their magic as she stroked his dick and rubbed his balls. She was so good it didn't take long and Jenner exploded, shooting a hot load all over her nice tits.

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