Mommy-Son Time

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Video Description: Little horndog Robby Echo rubs his cock vigorously while holding onto a pair of his stepmom's underwear. Another is dangling around his balls. He smells the sweet scent of Alyssa Lynn's panties, not noticing her walking into the room and catching him in the act. Robby denies everything she witnesses, regardless of Alyssa's forgiving nature. Alyssa admits that since Robby's father is always gone, she indulges herself, pleasing her lonely pussy from time to time. Robby eventually admits to stroking his cock and feeling bad for his step mom being alone all the time, he offers her a soothing back massage. Alyssa doesn't think it's a good idea, but Robby completely disagrees...

Alyssa gives into Robby's charm, laying down on the bed to allow Robby to remove her white top exposing her massive boobs. Robby moves his arms up and down his mothers legs, cupping the rim of her ass while hearing her moan with pleasure. Alyssa's eyes are wide shut, feeling the goodness of her stepson's touch, unaware that Robby snuck his hand down his shorts to please his hard cock. Alyssa soon realizes something is up and turns around to face Robby's hard cock! Alyssa takes charge, ordering Robby to lay back so she can ease this horny son's cock once and for all!

Alyssa takes off her son's shorts, taking in hand his shaved cock and sucking it deep and hard all the way down his shaft. Alyssa's pretty face is smothered with her saliva, anxious for her pussy to be just as wet. She jumps onto her son's hard cock. Robby spreads her huge ass cheeks apart, spanking his naughty mother for being a good slut. Robby cannot withhold his love juice any longer, cumming all over Alyssa's massive boobs and face, teaching this dirty mom she should've fucked him a long time ago!

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