My Math Teacher

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Video Description: Danny arrived at the soapy massage parlor and was very shocked to see that his masseuse, India, was his math teacher back when he was still in school. She was nervous about giving him a massage, but he had always had a crush on her when she was his teacher so he insisted she be his masseuse. After undressing him she led him to the soapy tub where she washed his body and rubbed his cock and balls. He was so turned on he couldn't keep his hands off her body. She took him from the tub to the mattress, laid him down and started sliding her body all over his. As she wrapped her lips around his dick and started to suck he relaxed and enjoyed the moment. He had always known she was hot, but had no idea she was this wild and talented. She then led him to the shower where she surrendered it all and let him bend her over and fuck her hard. He filled her sweet pussy, came on her tits and left with a smile on his face.

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