My Wife Sent Me

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Video Description: Eric suffers from neck pain. One afternoon while driving around with his wife he saw a massage parlor. She agrees to drop him off so he can see if they could help with his neck. He goes inside and meets Vanessa who is confident she can help him with his pain, but he is a little worried about the high cost. They go into the room and Vanessa gets started on the treatment. It doesn't take long before she has her hand wrapped around his cock and is stroking it. He stops thinking about the price, but is a little worried about that his wife will find out. Vanessa puts his mind at ease by stripping completely nude, crawling on top of him in a 69 and sucking his cock. Eric licks and fingers her pussy while she gives him head and strokes his shaft. She is so good at what she does Eric can't hold back and he cums right in Vanessa's mouth.

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