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Video Description: Bill is a businessman who is always on the road. On his last business trip he took his family and turned it into a little vacation. While they were mid-vacation Bill got called back to the office and had to return home, but his family stayed on the vacation to have fun. Bill went home, did his work then decided to treat himself to a Nuru massage. His wife never satisfies him sexually because they have lousy sex. When his masseuse Lana hears his story she knows just how to fix that. In the shower she rubs his cock and body and gets him very turned on. She moves him to the mattress and covers his body in the Nuru gel. As she slides up and down on him she puts her pussy in his face and he takes full advantage and licks her while she sucks his cock. Lana then gives him the ultimate treat. She slides down his body and impales herself on his hard cock. Finally Bill can fuck how he has wanted to for years. He pounds Lana then just as he is about to cum she pulls him out and lets him cum all over her nice flat belly then she tastes his jizz and flashes him a million dollar smile. He never gets that from his wife.

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