She's In Charge

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Video Description: Lola James is in charge as Britney Amber massages her pussy. Britney Amber is at Lola James beck and call in this steamy massage video. Lola came in knowing exactly what she wanted from Britney today and she's super ready to serve. Lola sets the mood right away, bossing Britney around, then she forgoes the usual massage towel andleaves her heels on during her session. Lola has a bubble butt ass that looks amazing as she gets her rub down. When she orders Britney to massage her ass, Britney seems a bit taken aback but quickly gets into the erotic play. You can see the oil dripping down Lola's dark pussy as it mixes with her own wetness. Great close up shots of Britney playing withLola's clit hood piercing included.

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