The Time Traveler

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Video Description: Rayveness was working at the massage parlor when a man came in acting a little strangely. He seemed a little disoriented and wanted to know what year it was. She told him it was 2011 and he was shocked to find out it wasn't 1975. She wasn't sure if he was time traveler or had other issues, but she offered him a massage to calm him down and he accepted. As she began to rub him down her robe slipped open a little bit and he caught a glimpse of her body. She saw he was interested so she took off the robe and let him see her amazing naked body. She oiled up her magnificent tits then let him rub them. As he rubbed her tits she reached down, pulled the towel off of his cock and started to stroke it. She leaned in and sucked him until he was rock hard then let him titty fuck her. She climbed on top of him and he licked her pussy like a starving man while she fingered his ass and sucked his dick. She sucked and stroked his throbbing cock until he exploded, dropping a hot load into her mouth. From the past or not, this guy was fully satisfied.

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