Zombie Apocalypse

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Video Description: Sophia Bella sucks Tommy Gunn's hard cock to perfection ,Tommy Gunn whispered the password for a Nuru massage with Sophia Bella. He told her about the Zombie Apocalypse that was about to happen. He offered her protection for a massage, but she wanted to run the credit card. She made him forget about zombies by helping her out of her kimono. Something must have come over Sophia when she pushed him into the bath tub to start sucking on his cock. They moved on to the Nuru massage and Sophia loved the sound of gel on his body as she was making him slippery and slimy. She was getting so turned on by rubbing her body on his, she had him turn around so she could watch him squirm under her control. Sophia took him in her mouth then put her pussy in his face. They came on each other until the thought of Zombie's was far from his mind.

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